Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I knew it was a bad idea.

Talk about being lax..

Some explaining might be necessary, or it would be if anyone's reading this who doesn't already know what's being going on. So here's an email I'm about send out to anybody I have addresses for.

Hello everyone,

As many of you know I've had to postpone my marathon run. It was due to happen May 30th in Stockholm, a couple of days from now. It was all booked from around the start of October last year and, at that point, all was looking good, if a bit daunting.

Pretty much immediately I started getting chest pains, just niggling at first and not enough to detract from the training. Apparently I'd torn a muscle, so I concentrated for a while on exercises that didn't affect that area and hoped it would heal quick. Unfortunately this didn't work, and the pain increased all over my chest and back. Consequently training became impossible - I didn't think running used hardly any muscles above the waist, naively(!) - or at best counter-productive. I've had all sorts of physiotherapy, blood tests and x-rays and am now waiting for an appointment with the Rheumatology Dpt of my local hospital, as well as an MRI scan, to try and determine where the problem lies.

As soon as I can I will resume training. This time it will be along with a friend who is Head of PE at a school near here and who has done the New York Marathon. He has also pretty much decided to do another marathon himself, which will be perfect as I'll have to work at it so as not to hold him back - as you can imagine he's quite a bit fitter than me.. Once we start we'll decide which marathon to go for (I had been considering Berlin, which is at the end of September, but it looks like that's a bit too soon), and I'll let everyone know asap.

So - thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far, I'm sorry it hasn't happened yet, but it definitely will. Whatever the problem is it'll get sorted out and then I'll probably have to apologise again for sending you all an email asking for a sponsorship you've already given! 

Everyone else, well, I'll be getting on to you for sponsorship soon, hopefully!

I'm writing a blog about all this, which I haven't updated for a while but shall get back into, here:

Not all of it's about the training, and probably quite a bit of it will bore your heads off, but there it is, anyway. Any news etc will be on there.

It doesn't finish as abruptly as that, of course, I just felt that was enough italics.

So I'm not doing the Stockholm Marathon. I'm not at all happy about it, and I feel like a failure in some ways because I really had - and still have - my heart set on it, and I was quite evangelical about it for a while, but the only way i could have done it was to walk it which, as I've said, would have been pointless. 

I'm just hoping this injury, or whatever it is, gets sorted out as soon as possible and I can get on with the training and planning the contingencies. The fact that Stuart should be doing it with me, with his prior knowledge and, I hope, boundless patience will be a great help. I really hope it comes off.

I'm seeing an osteopath on Friday. Maybe I'll know more then. And maybe it'll be good news. Actually, it will be good news, as long as it's some news.

Feels like Phase 2. 


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